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10 months ago

Auger, Noelle

       English 11         English 11 Academic          Public Speaking

Bernier, Michel

        English 12           English 12 Academic        Creative Writing

Breerwood, John

        English 11            English 11 Academic           Creative Writing           Creative Writing 2

Brooks, David

         Publishing          English 11 Ac Soc Justice        

Browne, Ainsley


Gregg, Walter

        Bridge English        English 11        English 11 Academic      African American Literature

Guy, Amanda

       English 10       English 10 Academic      English 10 Honors

Iverson, Linda

Krandall, Landon

       English 9 Academic        English 9

Lavelle, Jessica

        English 12    English 12 Academic    Bridge English 12     Standards Support 11/12

Leino, Caleb

       Alternative Education Creative Writing

Martin, Margaret

        English 10       Standards Support         English 10 Academic

McKenna, Martin

        English 9        English 9 Academic        AP English Language 

Pelletier, Esther

        English 10 Academic        English 10 Honors        AP English Literature 12        Movie Criticism

Poulin, Alexandra


Scogin, Sam

        English 9        English 9 Academic

Waite, Terry

        English 10       English 10 Academic        English 10 Honors       Standards Support


10 months ago

Cole, Jeannine 

        English Foundations           American Nation

Geleney, Whitney

        Literacy Lab E

Koch, James

        Math Foundations

Littlefield, Janet

        Earth Science E        Branches of Science

MacKinnon, Patricia

        English 9E      

Talarico, Janessa

        Algebra 1E

Tittle, Hayden

       World History 9E          American Nation

Woods, Erica

        Literacy Lab 1


9 months ago

Ardans, Christine

Boucher, David

       Pre-Calculus          Pre-Calculus Honors           Statistics           Statistics AP

Eytel, Larry

Gosselin, Erica

        Algebra 1 Part 1            Algebra 1 Academic        Standards Support

Gray, Renee

        Algebra 2 Honors           Bridge Math 12       Pre-Calculus      Pre-Calculus Honors

        Standards Support 11/12

Gregoire, David

        Algebra 2 Academic          Algebra 2 Part 1/Part2           Trigonometry

Houdlette, Douglass

        Geometry Academic        Geometry Honors     Calculus

Knight, Kathleen

         Geometry Academic        Statistics      Geometry Honors        Geometry

Mahamadou Boubacar, Abdoul 

        Algebra 1 Part 1           Algebra 1 Academic         Algebra 1 Part 2

Marcoccio, Romolo

        Geometry           Algebra 1           Geometry Academic           Standards Support

Nicholas, Bruce

Poulin, Alexandra


Radigan, Judy

Sasseville, Kevin

         Algebra I Part I

Spilecki, Pat

        Math Basic A/B and C/D 

St Laurent, Linda

        Algebra II Academic        Bridge Math        AP Calculus     

Stanley, Michaela 

        Algebra 1 Academic         Algebra 1 Part 1       Algebra 1 Part 2 

Fine Arts

10 months ago

Dube, Jody

        Introduction to Ceramics         Advanced Ceramics     

Ehrhardt, Deanna 

       Introduction to Digital Media     Digital Media 2      Independent Study Art/Digital Media

Manchester, Laura

Morrison, Erin

        Treble Choir        Chamber Singers      Music Theory     Beginning Piano        Concert Choir

Nelson, Jenna

        Concert Band        Jazz Class            String Orchestra          Intro to Digital Music

Pitula, Kyna

Stocker, Sarah

       Introduction to Photography        Advanced Photography

Modern and Classical Languages

10 months ago

Fortier, Bernard

        Latin I           Latin II        Latin III

Gerencer, Paula

        French III/IV         Spanish I     Spanish II      Spanish III      Spanish II Honors

Ismael, Yahya

        Arabic I        Arabic II         Arabic III

Matthews, Cynthia

        French I         French II

Shaner, Emily

        Spanish I          Spanish III Honors          Spanish IV Honors      Independent Study Spanish V


10 months ago

Bennett, Harry

       Chemistry Academic         Bridge Chemistry          Physical Science

Blais, Gabrielle

Campbell, Matthew

        Biology Academic           Biology           

Caplan, Matthew

        Physical Science           Chemistry Academic           Chemistry Honors

Cole, Emma

       Biology Academic           Biology           

County, William

       Alternative Education Science 9/10

Foye, Colin

        Earth Science Academic        

Haines, Laurie

Leino, Caleb

        Alternative Education Math/Science 11/12

Perry, Pamela

        Physics Academic      Physics Honors        Astronomy Academic    

        Bridge Physics

Poulin, Alexandra


Querry, William

        Biology Academic      Biology 2      Biology AP       Biology

Reissfelder, Tyson 

        Biology Academic       Biology          

Reuscher, Abigail

        Chemistry Honors        Forensic Science         Chemistry Academic

Thomas, Allison

        Earth Science Academic      

Walker, Corey

        Earth Science Academic        Maine Guide Course

Welborn, Mark

        AS-1 Air Force ROTC        AS-4 Air Force JROTC

Social Studies

10 months ago

Blais, Patrick

       Government Academic        Current Events

Chase, Kate

Cifelli, Todd

        Government          Government AP        Psychology

County, Kathy

        US History        US History Academic        Psychology        Street Law

        Standards Support 11/12

Crowley, Michelle

        World History I Academic            Mock Trial         Basic Debate

Dunnell, Brian

Leblond, Thomas

       US History Academic      US History      Current Events      Modern History Academic

Leino, Caleb

Levesque, Keith

        US History            US History Academic            Basic Debate

Olsen, Donna

        World History 1 Academic        US History AP

Poulin, Alexandra         

       Social Studies

Pringle, Nikki

Pryor, Donald

Roy, Colby

        US History        US History Academic        Sociology

Sullivan, Jeffrey 

        Modern History Academic            US History AP           AP European History

Special Education

9 months ago

Boutin, Troy

       Social Studies Basic A/B   Social Studies Basic C/D

Burgess, Melissa

      RISE Social Skills           Real World Prep

Delcourt, Cassidy

Desrochers, Arline

        RWP Flex

Ie, Jaime

       English Basic A/B           Reading Intervention

Laroche-Albert, Jennifer

       Real World Prep

Marr, Jessica

Nadeau, Rachel

       Science A/B      

Poulin, Alexandra

        English Basic C/D

Spilecki, Pat

        Math Basic C/D       Math Basic A/B    Science Basic C/D

St. Hilaire, Susan

       ESP Life       STEM ESP 9/10       STEM ESP 11/12      ESP Flex

       ESP Math 9        ESP Algebra I      

Waite, Sarah

        Real World Prep

Weber, Patrick

        ESP Humanities 11/12          ESP Humanities 9/10             ESP Life


10 months ago

Bowen, Matthew

Chantrill , Rosaria

        Healthy Gourmet       Healthy Gourmet 2        Nutrition  

County, William

       Alternative Education Health

Farrar, Tim

        Coaching Principles         Foundation of Fitness        Advanced PE       

Gish, Dan

        Fitness for Life        Unified PE/Health             Unified PE Coach      Unified PE Coach 2

        Sports Medicine      Exercise Science

McGee, Kayla

        Health       Wellness Young Adults

Quagliaroli, Carrie

        Foundation of Fitness        Fitness for Life

Whitten, Candace