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Indigo Ink #54 June 2024: Check out this year's final issue of Indigo Ink, touching on subjects such as Pride, the Mock Trial nationals, summer fun, and much more!
Indigo Ink #53 April/May 2024: Take a dive into this week's issue as we talk about AP exams, confidence and insecurities, college with alternatives there is also women’s sports, Eid and more!
Indigo Ink #52 March 2024Take a look as we cover a wide range of topics like school competitions, LGBTQ representation in media, stress in school, legal rulings, and online safety. You'll also find insights into video games for teens, global warming, religion, friendship, work-life balance, and even book reviews. Join us as we explore the many facets of our changing world.
Indigo Ink #51 February 2024: So much to see: cancel culture pros and cons, teens' relationships with video games, global warming update, religion and friendship, family portraits, managing work challenges, a book review, and more!
Indigo Ink #50 December 2023: Inside look at Mock Trial, recognized teachers, women activists, music therapy and the new generation’s relationship with social media! Come write your own article by making sure to join the journalism class next semester. Have a great winter break. 
Indigo Ink #49 November 2023: Check out thriller novel reviews, education perspectives, AI at LHS and school, media bias, and the November word search!
Indigo Ink #48 October 2023: Learn about your future, your fears, the evolution of fashion throughout the years and the toxic beauty standard.
Indigo Ink #47 June 2023: a silly senior speech, duck in the courtyard, and June word search plus interviews with a police officer, a gamer, an inspiring teen, and an aspiring physician's assistant. Fun photos at the end!
Indigo Ink #46 May 2023: AP exams, sports, prom, preparing for college, teachers' final years, and starting school later. The articles have images throughout as well as photographs actually taken by students here at Lewiston High School.
Indigo Ink #45 April 2023: From body positivity to the negatives of teaching, seasons ending to sports beginning, and more issues of today, read this month's issue of Indigo Ink!
Indigo Ink #44 March 2023: Interview with a hockey goalie, people give their opinions on the NBA season, what it's like to have a hobby in art, learn about the new wave of AI art, opinions of music and how it affects our society, "Is there any value to homework?", the relationship between teachers and seniors, and a student from LHS and their journey from Angola to the United States.
Indigo Ink #43 February 2023Midterms Return 10 years later...midterms returned to Lewiston High School after 10 years last month--Cafeteria Cleanliness...think about your mess--FIFA Corruption...the World Cup boycott in Qatar and more issues of today!
Indigo Ink #32 May 2020: Hockey wins, Skills USA Competition, pandemic stories, review of  "Spear", Muhammed Ali, poetry, and more! (There is no paper printing for this issue because, well, you know...)
Indigo Ink #31 January 2020: Poetry Out Loud winners, Safiya Khalid, Seniors Give Freshmen College Advice, Soleimani Assassination, LHS Classroom Current Events, awesome poetry and art
Indigo Ink#30 November 2019: LHS Expansion, review of The Good Place, Megadeth vs. Metallica, impeachment inquiry, poetry, and more! 

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