Program of Studies

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Program of Studies

A PDF version of the Program of Studies for the 2023-2024 academic year may be accessed by selecting the school crest, above.

Use this link if you are a current 8th grade student looking for an Abbreviated Grade 9 Program of Studies

The Program of Study provides students and their families with information on graduation requirements, academic policies, and specific course information. 


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School Counselors

Sarah Aschauer

207-795-4190 X-5223

Ali Howe

207-795-4190 X-5227

Peter Hutchinson

207-795-4190 X-5225

Luci Lantos

207-795-4190 X-5224


Kaelee Tanner

207-795-4190 X-5226



Rachel Moore

Director of Student Services

Stacy Beverage

Assistant Principal of Special Education
504 Coordinator

Kate Chase

Aspirations Coordinator


Alica "Lisa" Escobar

Substance Use Prevention Coordinator/Counselor

207-795-4190 X-5356

Deb Castonguay

207-795-4190 X-5222

Shelby Masse

207-795-4190 X-5229
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Lisa Gosselin

207-795-4190 X-5221
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Aspirations Lab


The Aspirations Program at Lewiston High School seeks to build a comprehensive post secondary learning culture, leading to thoughtful choices regarding the future. Aspirations programming is aimed at guiding, challenging, informing and supporting all students in reaching their maximum potential. The Aspirations Program will build an open relationship with students and their families in order to understand all of the factors involved within the post secondary planning process.


The Substance Use Prevention Coordinator/Counselor is a full-time staff person based out of the Lewiston High School. The Substance Use Coordinator/Counselor, Vicky Wiegman, provides education to students, staff, parents and the community on current topics related to substance use. In addition, Vicky provides screening and referral to other services in the school and community when a substance use issue is suspected. Vicky meets with students individually, in groups (as indicated) and with parents, and is also able to provide a wide range of services related to tobacco use. Vicky is a Certified Prevention Specialist and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Welcome to Mrs. Wiegman's Virtual Office Substance Use Prevention Coordinator/Counselor Vicky Wiegman (207) 795-4190 ext. 5356

School Nurse

The school nurse provides assessment and follow-up of acute and chronic health issues; including mental health concerns, screening for health factors impacting student education such as vision problems, medication administration, immunization tracking, communicable disease management for the school, crisis management such as injury and education of staff related to student health issues/bloodborne pathogen requirements. She also coordinates and collaborates with parents, school staff and community health providers regarding student issues. Promoting health and safety within the school is another important duty of the school nurse.

School Based Health Center

The School Based Health Center (SBHC) is a wonderful and accessible health care facility within LHS/LRTC.

The office is staffed by caring professionals who can offer a variety of needed services for students. With a signed registration form and current health information provided the following are accessible during school hours:

•Over the counter medications •Acute care •Chronic health needs •Immunizations •Mental health intervention and counseling •Teen screen - A tool used to assess possible issues for teens •Tooth Fairies - Dental cleanings, sealants and referrals

Students may also access the SBHC for confidential services that include pregnancy tests, referrals for family planning, and STI screenings.