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9 months ago

Library Passes

Students may come to the library during their study halls if they sign up for a library pass before 7:40am.

Students may come to the library after school the day before or before school the morning of to request a library pass. 

Students who are in the library on a library pass are expected to remain in the library for the duration of the class period.

Students who abuse library privileges or cause disruptions in the library may be prohibited from receiving a pass for a determined period of time. 

Overdue Materials

First Notice - to English teacher (notifies student)

Second Notice  - Delivered personally to students

Third Notice - Phone call home to parents

Fourth Notice - Referral to Assistant Principal

Final notice - A bill will be mailed home at the end of the year.  

Please note: Students who have overdue materials or owe money for lost materials will not be permitted to borrow any additional items until they have taken care of all obligations.  Students who have outstanding library obligations may lose their privilege to come to the library during study halls.  Students who have lost materials may be given the option of arranging payment by working in the library.  Please see the Librarian for more information.

Selection Policy

The Lewiston High School Library invests a great deal of care into collection development for students and faculty. Our intention is to provide a varied selection of materials that meet  academic needs and support emotional, intellectual, and social development for students who access our resources.

All items are evaluated for acceptable literary quality according to standard literary and research criteria such as content, writing standards, organization, balance, format, point of view, and quality of the final product. The following additional criteria will be considered when deciding to include media in the library collection. Not all criteria must be met for an item to be considered. 

Support and enrich the curriculum.

Items of outstanding literary, aesthetic and intellectual value, or technical aspects.

Current interests or trends in pop culture and world events.

Content suitable to the interests and needs of young adults.

Be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional development, ability level, learning styles, and social, emotional, and intellectual development of the students for whom the materials are selected.

Incorporate accurate and authentic factual content from authoritative sources.

Earn favorable reviews in standard reviewing sources and/or favorable recommendations based on preview and examination of materials by library personnel.

Promote diversity by including materials by authors of all backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, and beliefs.

Include a variety of resources in physical and virtual formats including print and non-print such as books, multimedia, databases, established technology, and access for student driven programs.

Works that discuss currently controversial topics are judged for the integrity of their overall treatment of the topic and will be weighed against the overall merit of the selection. 

Balance the cost of materials with student needs. 

In an attempt to develop a fair and balanced library collection, bias for exclusion related to ideological point of views will be avoided to maintain professional standards in the collection. Student requests will be considered and fulfilled whenever possible to ensure the library reflects the interests and needs of the students at LHS.