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School Nurse
The school nurse provides assessment and follow-up of acute and chronic health issues; including mental health concerns, screening for health factors impacting student education such as vision problems, medication administration, immunization tracking, communicable disease management for the school, crisis management such as injury and education of staff related to student health issues/bloodborne pathogen requirements. She also coordinates and collaborates with parents, school staff and community health providers regarding student issues. Promoting health and safety within the school is another important duty of the school nurse.
Aspirations Lab
The Aspirations Program provides a wide array of services for students and their families who are pursuing post-secondary options. The Aspirations Lab is open and staffed every block of the day to provide resources and answer questions about college, careers, and other post secondary pursuits. The Early College program is run out of the Aspirations Lab as well as the sophomore college trips. In February the Aspirations Program runs a Focus on Freshmen day and in the Fall Oh, the Places You'll Go provides workshops for seniors, as well as University of Maine in a day admissions programs. After the holidays, the Aspirations lab provides financial workshops and assistance for seniors and their families as they work through the financial aid process.
Substance Abuse Counseling
The Substance Abuse Coordinator/Counselor is a full-time position within the Lewiston School Department, based out of Lewiston High School. The Substance Abuse Coordinator/Counselor provides education for students, staff, parents and community on current topics related to substance abuse. In addition, she provides screening and referral to other services (in the school and in the community) when a substance abuse is suspected. She meets with students individually, in groups (as indicated) and with parents, and is also able to provide a wide range of services related to tobacco use.

In addition, the Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant employs a school-based licensed Substance Abuse Counselor providing treatment for our students.
School Based Health Center
The School Based Health Center (SBHC) is a wonderful and accessible health care facility within LHS/LRTC.

The office is staffed by caring professionals who can offer a variety of needed services for students. With a signed registration form and current health information provided the following are accessible during school hours:

•Over the counter medications
•Acute care
•Chronic health needs
•Mental health intervention and counseling
•Teen screen - A tool used to assess possible issues for teens
•Tooth Fairies - Dental cleanings, sealants and referrals

Students may also access the SBHC for confidential services that include pregnancy tests, referrals for family planning, and STI screenings.