LHS Virtual Tutoring Directions

a year ago

LHS Virtual Tutoring Is Available
Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 3pm

How To Access A Tutor:
(Please watch the video to see the process.)
Step 1: Click HERE to start a ZOOM session with a Bates College tutor.

Step 2: Arrive in virtual tutoring room.

Step 3:  LHS/Bates College Monitor will ask what subject you need help with and connect you with a tutor.

Step 4:  You and the tutor will "virtually" move into a ZOOM Breakout Room to work on the assignment you need support with.

Step 5: Complete work and thank Bates College tutor.

Step 6: Leave tutoring session.

Step  7: Return to virtual tutoring as needed.

The Bates College tutors will likely be able to support all subject areas throughout the day.  All ZOOM sessions will be monitored by LHS Aspirations and/or Bates College. 

Virtual tutoring information can also be found on the LHS Student Services Website and LHS Aspirations Website.